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Product Details Posters
Standee Company/Product Details
Broucher Stand Download
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Video Panel Company/Product Video
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Premium Stall Features

Live Product Display - 3D
Rs 1000
SMS Integration for 2000 Nos
Rs 1000
Sending Details Through Mails 2000 Nos
Rs 1000
Live Demonstration
(Live Streaming)
Rs 500 per 15 Min Session
Personalised Discussion Room
Rs 4000 upto 100 participants
System Distinguished Prime Visitors
Machinery Comparision
Rs 1000
E-Auction (Reverse Auction)
Rs 1000
Categories for Displaying
Rs 1000 ( 5 Categories complimentary and above that chargeble)
Similar Product Notification
Display Ads for Top 5 Bids Company
Exhibition Offers
Exhibitor Stall Costing

PMMAI Members

Rs 20,000

Non-PMMAI Members

Rs 25,000

International Exhibitor

USD 500

GST @ 18%